Friday, December 09, 2022

So, I have been struggling with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 since last few weeks. Although the usable internal memory of the device is around 11.77 GB, most of the spaces was unaccounted for!!
Upon checking in Settings --> Device --> Storage it showed that "Applications" and other categories use around 2 GB of memory, but the "Available" memory was 500MB only!!

After asking some colleagues, surfing through the internet, found a good resolution to the issue :)
1. Go to Keypad
2. *#9900#
3. Menu comes up. Click on the the 'Delete dumpstate/logcat' button.

After doing this the "Available" memory on my tab has become 9.57 GB now !!

It seems the log files are present under the /data/log folder and are not visible unless the device is rooted or some specific app is installed for this. These log files may generally be under verbose mode --  As a result of which detailed logs of all the apps installed are maintained in these log files.

Anyways, this issue has been fixed now and as it seems we have to manually clear the memory at regular intervals.

This is a small post to help put your twitter widget as a module on the Joomla website. It took me sometime searching on the internet to find anything that helped...

So thought of putting the steps down for someone searching for it :)

  1. Login to the administrator page of the website.
  2. Go to Extensions -> Module Manager -> New Module -> Custom HTML.


  3. Provide details as title, module position, etc.
  4. Scroll down to the editor. On top of the editor there is the option "Toggle Editor". Use that.


  5. Now go to the twitter widgets page in a new window.
  6. Configure your widget there. The colour, style, etc. Copy the code & paste it back in window at step #4.
  7. Save the module & we are done :) Looks like the Twitter module on the "About Me" page.

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