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Turtle vs Tortoise

Well, this may not concern us at all... But there are a few instances when we watch TV or go to a zoo or see a pic, then this topic Tortoise (Courtesy: Wikipedia)Turtle (Courtesy: Wikipedia)comes into mind...Turtle vs Tortoise :)

Both are reptiles, are of the same family & are divided into several hundreds of sub-species. They breathe air & lay eggs on the land. Even the aquatic ones come on nesting grounds to lay their eggs.



Topic Turtle Tortoise
Habitat Mostly live in water (both fresh & sea water). Have flippers instead of feet to swim. Mostly live on the land. Have knobby feet with claws.
Size Have flat shells (carapace). They are generally smaller in size & lighter as well. Have doom-shaped shells (carapace). They are generally bigger & heavier.
Food Omnivorous. Eats fruits, leafy vegetation & meat. Herbivorous. Eats fruits, leaves & vegetables.
Lifespan 20-40 years. Turtles generally have a shorter lifespan. 80-150 years. They generally have longer lifespan.
Movement Generally swim around in the ocean searching for food, etc. Generally stay at a single place and do not move around much.

Turtles may be aquatic or semi-aquatic spending their days both in water & on land.
Some species have gone extinct & some are endangered & hence banned for keeping as pets (specially in India). So check before you get one for your amusement!!

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