Friday, December 09, 2022


Pet Lover's Paradise at Galiff Street, Kolkata

I have been thinking of visiting the Galiff Street in Kolkata since I got here 2 years back. Used to go home every weekend hence missed on this. Galiff street sits every sunday from early morning to evening & is like a Plant & Pet Lover's Paradise :-)

Took 215A bus from New Town to Shyam Bazar Metro & walked down from there.. The street starts with a huge section of vendors selling plants. Good to find a lot of plants at one place & dont need to go scouting different nurseries!! I got some of my favourites here including Kalanchoe verticillata :)

Lets a closer look at those rose plants

Around 10 am, the market had already crowded up!


With the terrestrial or land-Plants section phasing out, started the Aqua zone with fishes, Aquarium plants & snails :) :)  That was actually my main purpose of visiting the place..


Was amazed to find so many of the blood worms & black worms as well :)


We just strayed further to check out the Cute Chicks, Puppies, Rabbits, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Birds :-)

We returned back to the start point combing the streets with what we missed.. Couldn't find a good deal for Shrimps / Prawns and could not find any Neon Tetras anywhere :(. However could lay hands on some Aquarose and ferns :)

And to my delight found a bonsai (Ficus microcarpa) for a great price around ₹ 500 for a 6 yr old!! Walked around for some nice Danios, Apple snails & a yellow hibiscus pot :). Took a taxi back home as we already exhausted!

Admiring the catch back at home :) :)



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