Friday, December 09, 2022


And that's how it is done

Well, after being pretty much impressed by the Smoked-Flambe-Pasta at a pasta place, the cook in me was inspired to try it out..


”Food on fire”, “Smoked”, “Roasted”...I didn't have a clue what was it called....several google searches later, I finally found the word, “Flambe”...meaning “flamed” in French.

Ah, so there it was.... But I could not find a single page which would tell me the secret to replicate the flambe without alcohol :-/ I was like damn these firangs, puting alcohol in food as well :P
I was damn sure the pasta place did not use alcohol, nor do the awesome cooks in India.


Some RnD later, I found out the secret... thought of sharing it with people who wanna try it :)


  1. Put the (thick) pan on high flame for about a min.
  2. Pour in some cooking oil and some more flame.
  3. Raise the pan and shake it while adding 2 spoons of the paste*

paste*= Giner-garlic paste, half a lemon, some sugar and some water (I used this)...flambe

Well believe it or not, there was some awesome fire, even after putting the pasta toppings on it...
And the pasta was delicious....and by the way, the hand in the pics is mine :)

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