Friday, December 09, 2022


A Walk-In-The-Rain!!

How easy / difficult is it to break one cycle of thoughts forever and start another?
Well, it may take an easy instant to snap or it can stretch to a very uneasy stretch on the timeline...
As my fav punch line goes: "It's all in the Mind".

Many thoughts have been circling my head since my last post on the “Must-Attend-Wedding”; May be because I had censored a lot of thoughts cutting it short…
After all, you’ve always been brave whenever there has been a need for it… The present requirement to-be-brave has been completed. :P Now neither is your support sought after, nor do you plan to seek any… So you Release all the unfinished thoughts, Decide to “End-the-Symbiosis” & stay away from potentially dangerous situations. ;) After all, if you are that good friends, you would certainly re-discover your friendship some day in the timeline!!

A rather heavy decision to take… But yeah it seems logically correct. And you somehow feel all light. Even before you know it, there you are smiling :)

Ok one issue solved.  What about the major one now?
Well, what’s the time?
Ohh it’s almost 3pm now. And you are reluctantly reminded of the couple of interviews scheduled at 4. You drag your ass back to the laptop, opening your CV & some of the training materials…trying to recollect what projects you worked on in the last 4 years… Although you don’t care about the interview, but still somehow your heartbeat manages to rise in anticipation of the approaching hour… This is your 1st interview after say, about 5 years..

You get the call from the 1st MNC at sharp 4pm… The interview has a lady at a high management post & a technical guy (You somehow feel more confident than him). About 40 mins…And BOOM goes your interview… I feel if you are enjoying a certain state, then it’s going right & great J

You get the 2nd call from the 2nd MNC at sharp 5pm. This time it is a technical guy, ready with his notes, questionnaire and answers to those :P … He starts asking all small, miniscule details of the tool that you handled last, hmmmm say 8-10 months ago. You laugh him off & in 2 minutes you mutually decide to call off the meeting :P :P

Now you get a call back from the 1st company with their positive feedback, with a wish to send you off to their client location in Australia ASAP for about 6 months…

BANG!! The Big Issue hits you back…
You get off from the table... stroll about the house. Ah there you find a window & a lush green field in front of it. :)
Some uncle carrying vegies for his home... A bunch of kids teasing each other, playing cricket… Some kid going about in circles, riding his new bicycle… Some guy going about in circles ;) talking on the phone, smiling… At a far off distance, a couple of kids returning from school, shirts out, bags still on, playing football as they approach their houses…You keep staring, lost in your own thoughts, biting your nails off :P

No. No. No! No Solution…
You again set off strolling about the house & stop in front of Tiki Mausi & narrate the interview details. She shouts back at you, “What the hell is going on? Do you REALLY want to join? What about the joining for MTech next month? What about TIP Foundations? What path do you want to take?

Well, that’s THE big issue!!! A million dollar question: Which path to take? You wonder, “Is it only me? Or do others get confused as well?”

You smile back with your confused thoughts & questioning look… She calmly replies, “So the land of Kangaroos it is, is it?”

Jaanini” (dunno), Is all you come up with…

…To Be Contd.

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