Friday, December 09, 2022


A Must-Attend-Wedding!!

How do you deal with heartburns?
Oh, I move on...After all it is the way it should be..

But what happens if the gal, you liked once, is still one of your best friends & she insists you to be present on her wedding?
Well, since I have moved on, I dont mind being present to support her on her big day....

That's how the trip begins from Mumbai to Pune to Nagpur to Jabalpur admist the summer heat...Covering about 1200 km of Rail and Road ways. Thank God for the AC vehicles & hotels. The best part of the whole journey unfolds as each halt adds an additional member of your gang n by the time you reach the destination, you have become 5 people from 1 :o)

A get-together after almost 2 years, an anxious wait at the airport (waiting for 1 of us), a moonlight lit dinner at a roadside Dhaabaa, a 3-star hotel room to rest (arrangement for guests @ wedding ), a bottle of tequila specially brought from the duty free region while an onsite visit ;), ordering lemons from the hotel staff on pretext of the bride's mehendi, fighting over the spent lemon quarters, a special singing session to serve the after effects and a stroll near the swimming pool.....The next morning you get up smiling, suprisingly without a hangover and look at each of the faces and think: "Ohh, it's for real, was no dream" :o)
Couldn't ask for more, eh?

The next 2 days follow with the rituals for the wedding and all.

You keep seeing the bride in her yellow and red attires....looking her best... And you go like: DAMN!!
You expected her to look fat and ugly, so that you could think, "O yeah, Grapes are Sour" :P :P

Well, it's neither the-old-feeling-of-love rushing in, nor is it a new-found one.. The best word to explain the feeling is "Weird".
Somehow many thoughts rush in... The old days of your stupidity... Your Naive so-called-Proposal..and your denying it to be a proposal (I still deny it to be a proposal :P ).. The days of hoping that one day "May be She would give this a thought"...
All those nights of free calling (reduced rates)... Her endless blabberings over the phone... Her warnings of not trying to act smart or try to Woo her... Her un-proficiency (if it's a word) of understanding your poems... The first ever sketch sketched by you (of her ofcourse ;) )...

No. Your thoughts do not seem to stop....
Her stupid (Guess only gals can make & understand such reasons :P) stand of not adulterating friendship with love... Your burning of all the letters, records, related thoughts to wipe them away from the mind...

Thoughts still keep spamming you..
Many Negative thoughts keep hitting you... And you keep Hushing them n praying to God for forgiveness & to keep everything around happy n merry-going as they are...

You see people dancing, having fun. And you get confused...
You dont want to Be or look sad and be the spoilsport for others....
Your thoughts do not let you be happy at the turn of events..
Your Self ridicules you at the thought of enjoying at such an event...
And somehow your roomy's voice sings the song "Mubarakh ho tumko yeh shaadi tumhari" in your ears and you laugh out loud looking all stupid :D

Somehow you concentrate on the goodies of the occassion, the food ;), your gang (minus the busy bride ofcourse), the TV in the hotel room and the outings....praying for the MUST-ATTEND-WEDDING to end happily soon, RELEASING you off the gruesome memories....Back to your new world of Opportunities... :) :P

As you move back from Jabalpur to Mumbai, this time in a non-AC-literally burning and stinking train, with your friends besides you, Somehow you like the ambience more than the ac rooms of the 3-star hotel...Feeling happy to have left behind "those thoughts", "those Weird Feelings"; Releasing them off your Subconscious as you embark on a New Journey. :)

...I think my Experiences make the prices I pay for them worthwhile...

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