Friday, December 09, 2022



This is my nth attempt at starting a blog....

Every time i have been inspired to write something, I have stepped back doubting my proficiency at display of words!! What should I put down? How should it be put? Well let me think of something cool....hmmmmm….
Should it be a good poem? a nice story? a reaction to some event?
And in the thought process, I get bored and move to other modes of amusement ;)

Now that I have initiated the walk to my freedom letting my self-delusions & apprehensions to die out peacefully; Now that I no longer crave for an external feedback, I finally am successful in giving myself a little happiness in doing something I have wanted to since long…. :o)

Looking at it… It is simply amazing how hard we try to fall out of our natural frequency and to tune-into others’ frequencies….. The point beyond realization is that, all this is done to gain “Acceptance & Appreciation”, which is wrongly identified with love, fame-or-popularity & power-or-control!!

Again the truth is: it’s the damaged ego that “searches for” & “collects” the misnomers instead of the real ones. It is also true that it is difficult to actually achieve the “Ultimate” unless we discover back our natural frequencies…the Innocence, Love, the Un-adulterated, the Self…

So unless it's Perfection.... an Infinity or a Zero, we tend to shuttle & cycle between the analogues trying to round-off, trying to filter, trying to burn & trying to rise out of Ashes...

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